Clobracon Construction Inc. has successfully differentiated itself from our competition by being able to offer additional value to our Clients beyond only general contracting. Extensive preconstruction services are available, which subsequently roll seamlessly into the construction phase of a project.

Preconstruction Services

We add value at the preconstruction phase of a project by acting as Construction Advisors. This creates a working partnership at the outset of projects by facilitating the project planning and construction process. Our Clients’ needs and requirements are established, and the site constraints, scheduling, and technical feasibility of the proposed project are analyzed in detail by our experienced preconstruction team.

We can recommend not only value engineering possibilities to ensure that that cost efficiencies are optimized, but also propose the appropriate project delivery method to tie-in with our Client’s requirements and time frames.

Construction Services

At Clobracon, we respond to the needs of our clients. We exhibit the necessary flexibility in the method of project delivery in order to ensure that the client’s main criteria are respected. Construction contracts are tailored to provide the greatest level of project control. Some construction contract formats that we offer our clients include:

Stipulated price (“lump-sum”)

A lump-sum, fixed-price contract is entered into between the Client and Clobracon, based on a fully-detailed set of blueprints and specifications, and/or a clearly-defined scope-of-work. Clobracon is excluded from the preparation of any design, and is involved strictly with the execution of the scope of work contained within the plans and specifications. Any changes to the work, whether design modifications or design oversights, are treated as change orders.
> This is considered to be the “traditional” project delivery method, although also the longest duration for overall project lifespan.

Construction management

Clobracon becomes a team member at the very early outset of the project, prior to any design documents being completed. A preliminary project budget is prepared, and we continually provide feedback to the design team in order to ensure that all budgets and deadlines are respected. All construction costs are tendered to multiple subcontracting companies, and we issue recommendations as to which company should be awarded that portion of the work. All costs are fully visible to the Client throughout the project on an “open-book” basis. We propose design modifications along the way in order to align actual costs with the initial budget. A percentage-based fee or fixed amount construction management fee is charged beyond the actual construction costs.

> This method of project delivery is suitable in “fast-track” situations, where delays are tight and design information is initially scarce.


Common when the Client has only the general requirements of their proposed building, they do not wish to engage an architect themselves, and timing is an issue. Clobracon Construction Inc. would submit a lump-sum price proposal, based on a proposed building layout and proposed performance specification (as prepared by Clobracon Construction Inc.) for all of the necessary design and construction work required for the construction of the building or existing building renovations. Both design and construction work is handled by Clobracon Construction Inc.

> Also referred to as a “turn-key” project.